The arrival of fall in Ottawa and surrounding communities brings not only a change of seasons but a shift in outlook.

For those who own a home and have been enjoying the summer months, fall means time to clean up the yard and take care of any property beautification efforts that you’ve been putting off or otherwise need tending to before the winter sets in.

When it comes to trees on your property, there are number of tree care and lawn care steps that you should consider as part of your autumn chores.

Read on to find out more about our fall tree care tips.

What Comes Down Must Go Out (Leaves to the Curb)

One of the hallmarks of fall in Ottawa is the annual change of colours (and inevitable leaf drop).

That’s where gets its name, after all… even the purists who insist on the term “autumn” appreciate that.

Most of us love the fall, from the leaves falling to the beautiful colours – to the crisp mornings with leaves crunching underfoot.

4 Fall Tree Care Tips

Fall, of course, has some essential activities and chores around the house and property.

When those leaves fall – after you’re done playing in them and appreciating that last bit of life, it’s time to rake up the leaves, pile them into lawn bags and take those to the curb on garbage / recycling day.

What about leaving the leaves (no pun intended) for mulch? Well, it might seem like a good idea. But if those leaves stay in your yard through the winter, they could cause mold issues and become breeding grounds for bugs in the spring. Better to rake up the leaves and send them away.

Mind the Garden, Plants & Hedges

Fall is also a good time to tend to your garden – and anywhere else on your lawn and property when it comes to plants, flowers, hedges, planters and other natural growth.

Some plants and flowers will be safe and strong through the winter. Others, meanwhile, require either cutting or protection for the winter months ahead.

Hedge trimming is a good idea now as well, both hedges and bushes, so that your property will look great through the winter and into the spring.

What about tree trimming?

Tree Pruning is Good for Tree Health & Tree Growth

person raking lawn in fallSome folks call it “tree trimming” – in Ottawa and elsewhere – though “tree pruning” is the technical term.

Tree pruning is beneficial for the tree’s long-term growth and overall health. Why?

By pruning branches and sections of the tree, you’re clearing out a little “breathing room” for the tree and paving the way for better growth to come.

Tree pruning for small trees is a fine DIY project, if you’re up to the task – just be sure to wear gloves and other safety gear.

For larger trees, however, your best bet for tree pruning is to leave (no pun intended again, really) it to the experts at an experienced Ottawa professional tree service.

Ottawa Tree Removal in the Fall – Before Winter

Ottawa Tree Removal in the Fall – Before WinterIf you have trees on your property that are dead or dying, or pose a threat to person or property, you should remove these now before winter sets in.

It turns out that fall is a pretty good time to remove trees if/when necessary. The leaves are off but the ice and snow haven’t started yet.

If you’re not sure about a tree on your property, say it’s sick or looks unusual and perhaps unhealthy, talk to a certified arborist about what the best course of action is for the tree. We can provide you with a FREE quote on tree removal in Ottawa.

Wright Tree Service – Your Ottawa Tree Care Pros

When it comes to Ottawa tree removal, tree pruning or tree care from a certified arborist, your best bet is to call on the tree pros at Wright Tree Service.

With years of experience serving Ottawa’s tree removal and tree care needs, we get great reviews and a heap of repeat business and referrals. Wright Tree Service has certified arborists on staff, so you know we take trees and tree care with a passion. And we’re fully insured + WSIB compliant.

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