As the Summer comes to an end, we’re starting to see the temperature begin to drop as Fall creeps around the corner.

Most people think that Spring and Summer are the prime seasons for tree care in Ottawa. However, there are still some critical Fall tasks to take care of!

Fall and Winter are known as the dormant season for trees and there are a number of things you can do to help prepare for Winter.

Maintenance Tips for Tree Care in the Fall

an arborist inspecting a tree for diseases with a clipboard

Tree care in the Fall is important to ensuring their health and the best way to make sure your trees are ready for when Spring rolls around. Here is a breakdown of what you can do throughout the Fall:

Early Fall Tree Care

After all the hot weather, the first thing you should check for is invasive species or diseases that your tree may have contracted. If there are any, make sure they are treated properly so the tree will return to its healthiest state.

The next thing you’ll want to take care of is removing any trees that are weak or pose any threat of falling. As the weather gets colder and the wind picks up, trees will be more susceptible to falling.

Early Fall is also a great time to plant new trees. Since the temperatures are cooler in the air than the soil, new root growth is encouraged.

Working with an arborist in the early fall is a great way to ensure your Fall tree care is off to a great start. They will be able to assess your trees and help you determine the best course of action for treating disease, tree removal or planting new ones.

a tree branch being removed by a chainsaw held by an arborist

Mid-Fall Tree Care

Mid-Fall is the best time for tree pruning or tree trimming. This is your chance to take care of any branches that are dead or at risk of snapping. Before the snow falls, it is best to remove them so no added weight poses a risk of further damage.

At this point, you will also want to provide your trees with a way to get nutrients. Since the ground will be frozen in the winter, use a slow-release fertilizer to give trees the nutrients they need to survive the cold months. Consult an experienced arborist in Ottawa about the best fertilizers to use!

Late Fall Tree Care

With the potential for snow right around the corner, late Fall is the time to wrap everything up.

Most of the trees should have fallen by now, so you can rake them up to keep your roots clear. If you have the space, rake your leaves into a yard waste bag or bin and store them over Winter. You’ll have a good supply of natural mulch to use for Spring landscaping!

You will also want to brace or cable any potentially weak limbs or branches. This allows you to preserve trees and prevent any risk of injury or damage.

fall tree care and maintenance

Let Wright Tree Service Help You Prepare

Wright Tree Service has years of experience helping Ottawa homeowners and property managers with Fall tree care and maintenance.

Our experienced arborists offer a full range of tree care services in Ottawa. From tree removal and felling to emergency services and storm clean-up, we can help you prepare or recover from any unexpected damages this season may bring!

If you have any questions about working with us or are interested in our tree care services, contact our team today!