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Frequently Asked Questions

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The city of Ottawa does not allow for homeowners or business owners to remove trees arbitrarily. The city has several by-laws governing the removal of trees on residential properties, and unless a tree is smaller than 30cm at the trunk on property smaller than one hectare or threatening the health & safety of an area, odds are you’re going to require a permit to remove the tree. To get a distinctive tree permit, an arborist report must first be submitted by a certified arborist. Wright Tree Service’s team of certified arborists are experienced in dealing with the city of Ottawa’s by-laws and can help guide you through every step of the tree removal process. If you have a tree you would like removed from your property, contact us today!

There are a few instances where you are not required to get a distinctive tree permit to remove a tree from your property. These instances are:

  • If the tree’s diameter is less than 30cm
  • If the tree is within a private courtyard, solarium, or rooftop patio
  • If the trees are on a cemetery, golf course, or certain rural lands
  • If the trees are on a farm, nursery, or orchard
  • If the tree poses an immediate danger or risk to surrounding property or people

In almost all other cases, a distinctive tree permit is required in order to remove an unwanted tree from your property. Contact Wright Tree Service today if you need help removing an unwanted tree from your property. We can help make the process easier for you.

Tree trimming and tree pruning are similar processes but with different goals for your trees and shrubs. Tree pruning is done in order to remove dead, loose, infected, or decaying branches so that your tree can flourish properly. Tree trimming on the other hand is a primarily aesthetic process where appearances are the focus. Tree trimming is done to maintain a tree’s desired shape, to keep it away from hazards such as power cables, and to ensure it is not overgrown which can prevent proper growth of your tree.

Since healthy trees depend on proper tree trimming and pruning, you want to make sure you get it done at the right time. We recommend trimming and pruning young trees every 2 years and older trees every 2 to 5 years. This will ensure your trees will thrive & grow. The best time to trim or prune trees is during its dormant seasons. Contact Wright Tree Service today if your trees are due for a trimming or pruning.

Depending on your homeowner’s insurance policy, removal of a fallen tree during a storm would be covered. Policies vary quite a bit with some only paying to remove a tree if it is getting in the way of other repairs covered by your insurance, while others will cover tree removal in its entirety. If your neighbor’s tree was previously healthy and showed no signs of damage or decay and ends up falling on your property due to a storm, it is your responsibility to remove it from your property. If you have a fallen, storm-damaged tree on your property, call Wright Tree Service today, we can help.

The best way to prevent a tree from falling on your home is to ensure it is healthy and properly maintained. Trees with health and structural issues are much more likely to fall, and trees can cause significant damage to your home or car. If you have a large tree near your home, it can cause serious damage when it falls down. That’s why Wright Tree Service highly recommends that you have these trees properly assessed and any possible issues with them addressed. Decay plays a major role in trees coming down during storms, so you want to make sure it is not an issue in your trees. Larger, older trees are much more susceptible to coming down in storms, so checking them is a priority. In some cases, cabling your tree might help it prevent severe weather such as storms. If you have a tree on your property that you believe poses a risk to your home or property, contact Wright Tree Service today.

Aside from tree stumps not looking that great on your property, there are other reasons to remove them. Tree stumps can harbour pests, fungi, and mold which can then spread to other trees or even your home. Nobody wants to have termites, so don’t give them the perfect staging ground so they can enter your home! Tree stumps can also be dangerous for children to play around as it can lead to injuries from tripping and falling. If you have a tree stump on your property that you would like removed, contact Wright Tree Service today! We can make quick work of your unsightly tree stump.
Wright Tree Service removes tree stumps with specialized equipment to make easy work of your tree stump. With our machines we grind your stump into small wood chips. We then haul away the chips, clean up the mess, and haul away the grindings. Afterwards we can plant new grass or trees to cover everything up. If you have a tree stump you want removed from your property, call Wright Tree Service.

Once you’ve contacted Wright Tree Service, we’ll visit your property to assess the situation so that we can figure out how to best handle your tree removal needs. In Ottawa, there are by-laws in place that require a permit in order to remove a tree. If the tree is 30cm or less in diameter you won’t need a permit to remove it. To apply for a City of Ottawa Distinctive Tree Permit, you have to submit a Tree Information Report online through the city of Ottawa website.

Once you have a permit, our crews can begin their work. We will begin by cutting and hauling away the branches. Depending on the area that you live in and the height of the tree, tree felling may be used to bring the tree to the ground. If not, the trunk will be cut into smaller sections and reduced to a stump.

Wright Tree Service uses great care in tree removal to ensure great results. Our goal is to leave clients fully satisfied with our tree removal services.

Not necessarily. Unless you have specific instructions to explain to our crews or need to grant them access to the property, you do not have to be home. You can stick around to watch our crews hard at work, or spend the day away to avoid the noise that comes along with a tree removal process. 

Our highly skilled and professional crews work hard to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The best time of year to prune your tree depends on the type of tree that you have on your property. For instance, it is best for Pine trees to be pruned in mid-June before the needles begin to unfold. For Cedar or Juniper trees, pruning can begin in early spring to mid-June. 

Some trees also require an initial pruning and then require follow-up trimming to keep back more vigorous branches. Reach out to Wright Tree Service for any questions related to your specific tree pruning needs.

Tree felling is one method of tree removal. It involves cutting the tree at its base and letting the whole thing fall to the ground. Sounds dangerous, right? Felling is actually one of the safest methods when done by an experienced professional. 

Wright Tree Service crews are experts in tree removal and felling, you can rely on us for safe and effective tree felling.

While we’d like to keep trees where they are, it is not always possible. There are times when tree removal is necessary to keep everyone safe. Tree removal is recommended for various reasons such as when the tree is dead, diseased, considered hazardous, or has root problems. 

Tree removal might also be required when the tree is causing an obstruction that cannot be corrected through trimming or pruning. 

Our experienced crews are here to provide you with the best possible course of action if you are unsure about what tree service is right for your situation.


At Wright Tree Service, we want to give you the best value for your hard-earned money. We prefer to visit your property to get a better idea of the lay of the land, before providing an estimate. That way we can quote you knowing we’ll be able to deliver the best results possible at a price you’ll be happy with. Contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you!