It is never too early to get your trees ready for the rigors of Winter, especially in Ottawa.

Although trees prepare themselves for the coldest season of the year, it is crucial to tree survival and wellness that you give them a hand.

Winters in Ottawa can be daunting, so keep scrolling to learn how to help the trees in your property withstand the snow, the ice, and more than accompany the Winter.

Tree Pruning Before Winter

Before you start pruning your trees, make sure you clean up the surroundings.

If there are dead branches in your property, get hold of a certified arborist in Ottawa. Sometimes branches are too large to remove, and getting rid of them is not a task you want to tackle by yourself.

Better safe than sorry!

This process will make your trees stronger and will help them deal with extreme weather conditions better. On top of that, getting your trees pruned professionally will protect your property, as heavy snow or ice build-ups can lead to property damage.

Wrapping your Trees for Winter Protection

trees in ottawa winterYou won’t only be wrapping gifts this Winter.

Leaves work as a protective layer for the trees, but once they fall off, younger trees will feel naked in the cold, unable to fight off Winter sun-scald.

This is a common injury that trees suffer when exposed to fluctuating conditions.

When temperatures drop, active tissues and cells are killed, causing damage to the tree. You simply need to wrap the trunk and the lower branches with any commercial tree wrap or fabric. If you struggle to do it by yourself, call your local tree care service in Ottawa.

Winter Tree Care: Fertilizing

trees in ottawa winter

Tress generally lose out vital nutrients during Winter, so fertilizing your soil in Autumn is always a good idea.

Applying fertilizer will protect your trees against disease, decay and pests.

Not all trees need to be fertilized, but if they already have too small or pale green leaves, or are exhibiting dead branch tips or insect damage, they probably do.

Water Your Trees

Although we picture snow and ice, your trees might need a drink from time to time, so be sure to give them a little extra water during the Winter months.

Mulching your Trees

trees in ottawa winterAdding mulch to your trees will help them retain moisture and regulate temperatures.

Try to leave as much space as possible between the trunk and the mulch to prevent fungus from growing on the tree.

Trees, particularly young ones, generally benefit from 2 to 3 inch layer of mulch around their base.

Professional Tree Care Services in Ottawa

When Winter winds whistle and you are toasting yourself by the fireplace, don’t forget about your trees.

If you need assistance for getting them ready for the cold, a tree professional can help the best.

At Wright Tree Service in Ottawa, we offer a full range of tree services, from pruning and removal to stump grinding and hedge trimming – all under the auspices of a Certified Arborist.

Locally owned and operated since 2010, our company has been offering professional tree care at a great value. Contact us today to book your Ottawa tree service.