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    Proper pruning enhances the beauty of almost any landscape shrub, while improper pruning can ruin or greatly reduce its landscape potential. In most cases, it is better not to prune than to do it incorrectly. In nature, plants go years with little or no pruning, but man can ruin what nature has created. By using improper pruning methods healthy plants are often weakened or deformed. In nature, every plant eventually is pruned in some manner.

    We’ve been pruning hedges and helping to beautify landscapes for a decade. Count on Wright Tree Service for hedge trimming in Ottawa.


    Wright Tree Service offers a full hedge trimming and pruning service in Ottawa. We will advise on the best steps of action for your fast-growing hedges or small trees.


      Hedges mark property lines and dot walkways & driveways; act as fences & windbreaks and can also provide privacy.


      A properly trimmed hedge that’s manicured by professionals can add value and visual appeal to your home & property.


      You’ll get an upfront estimated cost for the work and a realistic timeline to complete the work.

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    If you attempt to trim a hedge without knowing what it needs, the hedge is at risk of not fully growing back and becoming weak. This means that a hedge wouldn’t be able to absorb enough nutrients to sustain itself. Professionals know how to keep your hedge looking beautiful and healthy without risking long-term damage.

    At Wright Tree Service, we have been pruning hedges in Ottawa for a decade. Our team will help determine the best way to keep your hedges or small trees looking beautiful.

    Contact us today for more information about our hedge trimming services.


    We don’t just chop down trees – we listen to our clients, assess each situation individually, and serve you with honesty and dedication.

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    Count on our certified arborists and expertise to provide you with careful assessment and thorough tree services in Ottawa.

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    Serving Ottawa and surrounding areas since 2010, Wright Tree proudly serves our community with integrity and value.

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    We are committed to treating each customer as if they were our family, making sure you’re satisfied with our work.

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    Our goal is to deliver the best results in tree removal, pruning & more, all at maximum value.


    We’re proud to have earned great reviews, referrals and repeat business – find out why:

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    Our Clients

    At Wright Tree Service in Ottawa, we’re proud of the repeat business, referrals and reviews we’ve earned over the years. It’s a reflection of our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and going that extra mile for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    See what our clients have been asking us about hedge trimming in Ottawa.

    The best time of year to have your hedges trimmed would be late spring or early fall.

    Trimming your hedges during hot and dry weather can cause damage or impact the final look of your hedge. As well, during late spring and early fall, hedges are in their most dormant state, making it easier for the hedge to grow in a more controlled way during the summer months.

    The ideal trimming time also varies slightly depending on the type of hedge that you have. Contact Wright Tree Service to learn more about the perfect time to have your hedges trimmed.

    It is common for tree trimming and pruning to be used interchangeably as they are both commonly used landscaping methods. There are actually unique differences between the two related to when and why the method is used.

    Hedge trimming is when the goal of the process is to clean up a hedge’s appearance. This involves removing any overgrown branches. Excessive growth can be harmful to the overall health of the hedge, so trimming is a way to manage this.

    Pruning is used more in the case where loose or dead branches are at risk of harming other plants or people. This involves specifically removing any loose or dead branches to allow for a healthier growth of the hedge.

    Trimming and pruning are often done at the same time so that the hedge is left looking good and in a healthy condition. Contact Wright Tree Service to learn more about our hedge trimming service!

    Hedge trimming comes with a lot of benefits! Most importantly, hedge trimming deals with overgrowth. Overgrown hedges can quickly take over your garden and tends to look rather messy. Hedge trimming also protects your hedge from any damage and helps encourage new growth. If your hedge acts as a fence for your property line, hedge trimming helps keep your hedge dense. This means you are provided with more privacy in your yard.

    Contact Wright Tree Service to find out more about how we can help you with your hedge trimming needs!

    Hedge trimming can make a huge difference in how your hedge looks and continues to grow. If done improperly, it can ruin or greatly impact the growth of your hedge. Improper hedge trimming can also lead to your hedge becoming weak or deformed, creating more problems for future growth or landscaping.

    Hiring a professional hedge trimming service can help you avoid weakening or damaging your hedge. Wright Tree Service has been serving the Ottawa area for a decade, contact us today about your tree trimming needs!

    This all depends on your hedge trimming goals. An initial hedge trimming should occur in the late spring to prepare it for growth during the summer months. If you wish to keep your hedge looking tidy throughout the season, you can continue to have maintenance trimming. 

    You can also have your hedge trimmed in the early fall to prepare it for the harsh winter weather and heavy snow that Ottawa winters bring.

    Contact us today to see how Wright Tree Service can help you meet all your hedge trimming needs!


    At Wright Tree Service, we want to give you the best value for your hard-earned money. We prefer to visit your property to get a better idea of the lay of the land, before providing an estimate. That way we can quote you knowing we’ll be able to deliver the best results possible at a price you’ll be happy with. Contact us today - we look forward to hearing from you!