The terms “tree trimming” and “tree pruning” are often used interchangeably. They really aren’t the same thing, though.

Pruning refers to cutting back dead, dying or cluttered branches and leaves to promote the overall growth and wellness of the tree.

Trimming is more about cutting branches or leaves for aesthetic purposes and often applies more to hedges and shrubbery than to trees.

Why You Should Prune or Trim Your Trees in Ottawa

Why You Should Prune or Trim Your Trees
With a little bit of pruning, trees get what they need to kick off strong growth.

Proper pruning helps trees get ready to develop before spring arrives. But, unlike some people think, it’s beyond the simple act of sawing off limbs.

Pruning encourages tree growth, improves plant health, and increases flower and fruit production.

However, pruning (or trimming, if you will, but really it’s pruning) must be done at the right time and in the right way. It’s kind of like fire: in the right amount it’s beneficial, but too little or too much can be deadly.

Neglect or over-pruning could kill your tree!

The Benefits of Ottawa Tree PruningThe Benefits of Ottawa Tree Pruning

Pruning reduces the risk of failure from weak or dead branches, improves the structure of the tree and enhances its natural shape.

However, tree pruning or trimming is a job that is best left to Ottawa tree professionals. Certified Arborists will make those trees in your yard look pretty, healthy and productive.

Also, landscaping will showcase the overall look of your property in Ottawa and increase its value. Becoming the envy of the neighbourhood includes pruning and trimming!

Frequency of Tree Pruning & Tree Trimming in Ottawa

Every tree grows at a different rate, so pruning times can vary.

Frequency of Tree Pruning & Tree TrimmingOn average, pruning every 2 to 5 years is best.

While young trees need to be maintained more often (generally, every 2 to 3 years), more mature trees operate on a 3 to 5 years cycle. A Certified Arborist can best figure out the period that works best for your particular tree.

In order to find out how often a tree should be pruned, qualified arborists consider the type of tree, its size and its health condition. Also, we will help you figure out the best time to trim your tree.

Typically, the dormant season is one of the best times to prune. During the winter, many trees lose their leaves and are less active. However, some types, such as the oak tree, have a stricter pruning schedule.

In some circumstances, emergency tree trimming will be required.

For example, when the branches obstruct visibility for pedestrians or vehicles, particularly at intersections. Trees also have to be trimmed when their limbs interfere with power lines or in any situation where their growth causes safety concerns or becomes a safety hazard.

Whatever your tree emergency, make sure you contact Wright Tree Service Ottawa ASAP.

Wright Tree Service employees trimming hedges at an Ottawa propertyHire a Certified Arborist for Ottawa Tree Pruning & Tree Trimming

In our DIY culture, we tend to tackle every possible task by ourselves.

However, in this case, it’s best to hire a qualified professional.

Certified Arborists carry proper tools and prune trees by the book. Also, we are fully covered by insurance, so, whatever happens, you won’t be held responsible. During pruning, large branches can fall into a neighbour’s yard and cause damage, for example.

The best way to ensure safety is to hire a professional to clip back your trees. Pruning may often require a ladder, and will sometimes take place next to power lines, posing a potential danger.

Qualified arborists have the knowledge and the experience, and will complete the job in a fast and safe manner. They will save you time as well as money.

Contact Wright Tree Service today for your Ottawa tree pruning and tree trimming needs.