Young trees and bushes can be extremely fragile, especially in the coming winter months when heavy snow, strong winds and freezing temperatures arrive.

Unfortunately, the harsh winter weather isn’t something that we as humans can control, but we can work around it.

Using our knowledge of preparing young trees and shrubs for winter, you can rest assured that yours will be protected this winter season. Here’s how we do it.

Regular Water Young Trees and Bushes

Trees and bushes use their roots to get moisture from deep underground, but newly planted trees and bushes don’t yet have established roots to get that moisture.

young shrub in green backyardRegular watering will help provide young trees and bushes with the moisture that they need to survive. Once the ground freezes and the base of the tree is covered in snow, it becomes more difficult for a young tree or bush to find moisture.

Before it gets too cold, a young tree or bush should be watered thoroughly. If the winter is mild and the ground isn’t quite frozen yet, a young tree or bush can also be watered throughout the first two or three months of the wintry season.

Tree and Bush Root Mulching

beautiful home in winter with snow on trees and shrubsMulch is nature’s insulator… In winter, mulch is used to protect young bushes and trees by regulating temperature and ensuring they remain in dormancy during possible warm spells.

A layer of mulch should be just a few inches thick around the base of a newly planted tree or bush and a few feet around to provide the tree with the best protection from snow, ice, and cold air.

Don’t know when you should use mulch or what type of mulch you should use? Let the tree experts give you a helping hand!

Wrapping Young Trees and Bushes

Wrapping young trees and bushes protects small branches and areas with thin bark from frost and snow damage

Sudden changes in temperature can cause cracking in the bark of a young tree or bush. This leads to the possibility of greater damage to its overall health and future growth.

There are many types of trees that greatly benefit wrapping, but there are also some that may not need wrapping altogether.

The best way to know what type of wrapping is best for your tree or bush is to ask a professional arborist, they always know what’s needed to keep your green friends in top shape.

Wrapping Young Trees

Professional Tree Care in Ottawa

When left unprotected, young trees and bushes experience a lot of difficulty in surviving the harsh winter climate.

To best protect your young trees and bushes this year, take the proper measures. Seek professional help from an arborist near you.

For professional tree care in Ottawa, contact us! Wright Tree Service offers reliable arborist services in Ottawa and treats you with honesty and respect.