As a tree-lover, you want to make sure your trees have a healthy base.

Knowing when to prune them will keep your trees healthy in the long run while setting them up for an upcoming growth season. Throughout this article, you will find some key tree pruning hacks to make the most of them.

Keep reading to learn when to trim your trees!

Contact a Certified Arborist

tree pruning with pruning toolBefore taking any further steps, talk to your local arborist before springs blooms emerge.

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Usually a tree pruning cycle varies from 3 to 5 years, since type, size and health play a key role when determining this period.

Reasons for Regularly Pruning a Tree

Pruning is a common tree maintenance procedure, and should be done with a proper understanding of tree biology and tree care.

Improper pruning can ruin your tree, causing unnecessary damage or shortening its life.

Since each cut has an impact on the future of the tree, no branch should be removed without reason.

Popular purposes to prune are to remove dead branches in order to improve form, to reduce risk, and to increase air and light penetration into the tree.

Best Time of Year to Prune a Tree

tree pruning with tools

As a rule, growth is maximized if pruning happens before the spring.

During the cold seasons like fall and winter, trees enter a dormant phase. This lack of activity, along with dropping temperatures, results in the ideal setting for pruning a tree.

If you prune once new growth takes place, you could definitely be limiting the tree´s bloom potential for the whole year.

Another benefit of winter or fall is that a harder ground facilitates access to the tree.

In addition, the arborist will be able to see and manage the bare branches. Pruning trees in their dormant stage promotes their health and future growth.

Pay Attention to Tree Diseases

pruning a tree

Proper trimming is vital when developing a tree with a strong structure and the desirable form, and those that receive the appropriate measures while they are young will require less corrective maintenance in the future.

However, a few tree diseases like oak wilt, can be spread when pruning provides access to disease – causing agents. For this reason, susceptible trees should not be pruned during transmission periods.

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The indiscriminate cutting of tree branches is quite possibly the most harmful tree practice known.

At some point, a homeowner may feel that a certain tree has become too big for his or her property. But topping, unlike people think, will stress the trees and can lead to decay and sunburn. In addition, it could increase the risk.

The resulting shoots will grow quickly, but will be prone to breaking, especially during windy or icy periods.

Don´t let tree maintenance cause you a headache!

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