Like other plants, hedges and shrubs in Ottawa also require their fair share of maintenance to look lush and healthy.

Trimming hedges at the proper time is key to landscape success. However, if you manipulate hedges at the wrong season of the year, they might require a whole cycle to recover. Is spring the right time?

Learn about hedge trimming and make your neighbours go green with envy!

The Perfect Time for Shearing Shrubs in Ottawa

hedges on beautifully maintained lawnThe benefits of hedge maintenance are endless, such as privacy and noise reduction.

Landscaping can also increase property value. On top of that, studies show that dedicated green spaces in our homes can affect our lives positively.

That’s why you’ll want to trim your hedges this Spring.

Professional Hedge Maintenance

Hedges and shrubs need to be watered, fertilized and trimmed.

tree care professional trims hedgesProper maintenance and care are crucial for their growth and development, especially after our cold, long winters. Although it might give the illusion of being a simple enough task, hedge trimming and shearing your shrubs is not an ideal DIY job. 

Truth be told, it is better not to prune at all than to do it incorrectly. By using improper tools and methods, healthy plants and trees are often damaged or deformed. Plus there are risks involved when operating the proper tools for hedge trimming. 

Even if some homeowners succeed, more end up getting hold of a certified arborist eventually. Why not save time and frustration by hiring the pros right from the start?

Tree care professionals are knowledgeable on different species of hedges and have the tools and the skills to successfully maintain them. However, if you are still venturing out on your own, make sure you know what type of shrub you are dealing with. 

Why is Spring the Best Time to Trim Hedges?

Why is Spring the Best Time to Trim HedgesTrimming your shrubs at the right time means a flawless and beautiful green space for the whole family to enjoy.

The intention behind springtime maintenance is to prepare your hedges is to contribute to their overall health and keep them at the desired size. 

As buds multiply, shrubs become thicker, blocking sunlight and preventing interior development. As a result, hedges grow larger each year, looking lifeless inside.

Professional hedge trimming keeps them neat and tidy, allowing them to receive light while stimulating controlled growth. 

The only time when one can control hedge growth is Spring, when shrubs are still dormant and have not produced buds yet. Otherwise, you will be cutting off spent energy

Unparalleled Landscape & Tree Care Services in Ottawa

Hedge trimming is an art that takes plenty of work, so if you do not have the time to take care of those sad-looking shrubs bordering your yard, hire the Ottawa hedge and tree pros before it is too late.

This, however, is not a decision that should be taken lightly. As a proud homeowner, you want to engage with a reliable team of tree and landscape professionals. 

At Wright Tree Service, we are committed to giving you the best value for your hard-earned money. We take pride in our attention to detail when it comes to property enhancements, and we are determined to serve our customers with honesty, integrity and respect.

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