With the start of spring, it’s time to start getting your trees ready for the new season.

There is more to tree care than letting nature take its course.

Thanks to the knowledge and skills of our arborists, your trees will flourish, thrive and achieve their full potential. The time to work on your green space is now!

Here are our top 7 tips to keep your trees looking their best in the upcoming months. 

The 7 Best Spring Tree Care Tips 

It’s time to make sure your trees are as prepared as you for the Spring.

For optimal results, stick to the three phases indicated below.

1st Phase: Before Waving Wintering Goodbye 

1 – Inspect and tidy your trees

Best Spring Tree Care Tips 1 – Inspect And Tidy Your TreesFirst, collect and remove any debris beneath your trees, including leaves or fruit, which can become a breeding ground for fungi. 

Afterwards, be sure to inspect the trees closely and look out for any dead or damaged branches, which can pose a risk to your property and your loved ones.

A trained arborist can assess the situation and determine whether treatments or complete removals are required. 

2 – Check for pests and diseases

An experienced arborist can also help you become familiar with the different pests and diseases that can ruin your beautiful trees and shrubs.

Check what species they are at risk of falling victim to and inquiry about the treatment that suits them best. 

2nd Phase: A Pre-Bloom Preparation

3- Feed your trees the nutrients they crave after winter

spring tree in ottawa canadaIn natural environments, trees exist without much care.

However, trees in urban areas can have restricted root potential, as they are nested in compacted soil.

Using a slow-release fertilizer will decrease the stress of trees and shrubs growing in unnatural environments.

Also, this will boost their resistance to damage caused by the cold temperatures, insects, and diseases. 

4 – Mulch your trees

Spread 2 to 4 inches of mulch evenly around the tree.

Too much mulch will retain heat and moisture, which can encourage fungal growth.

For more information on mulching, contact your Ottawa tree care experts at Wright Tree. 

spring tree in ottawa canada

3rd Phase: Springtime Sprouts

5 – Water your trees

When the soil is frozen, water can’t be properly absorbed.

There is no better time than spring to start watering your trees and shrubs to encourage good development. 

6 – Plant new trees

Spring is not just the best time to start looking after your existing trees.

Best Spring Tree Care Tips – Plant new treesIt’s also a great season for planting.

For expert advice on how and where to plant a new tree properly, get in touch with our professional tree care experts. 

7- Inspect Regularly

As the weather gets warmer and trees grow leaves, it is necessary to give them regular inspections.

Check for standing water around the base of the tree, color changes, insects and diseases or any other potential issue.

Ottawa Tree Care Experts at Your Service: Wright Tree

If you happen to notice anything out of the ordinary or need assistance with your springtime landscaping and tree planting, trimming or removal, be sure to contact a tree care specialist. 

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