Landscaping can provide innumerable benefits for your property.

Trees can beautify it, improve air quality and increase its value. Actually, properties with trees are found to sell better, and are worth about 15% more than those without.

Trees are known to be a lifelong investment, and therefore, taking care of them should be your priority now. Read on to learn about the importance of a commercial tree service. 

What Does a Commercial Tree Service Entail

If not cared for, trees can cause property damage.

On top of that, not spending time and energy on tree maintenance can result in sick trees with an overgrown, unattractive look.

If you have trees in your property, you’ll want to consider investing in a commercial tree service to take care of your landscaping needs. Scroll down to learn what certified arborists can do for you. 

Tree Removal in Ottawa

trees on commercial property in ottawa canadaSadly, sometimes a tree needs to be taken down.

Dead trees should always be removed, as they can pose a risk to the property and the community.

When a tree is sick, you want to take action to prevent the diseases from spreading. Also, the weaker a tree is, the bigger chance of falling over and causing damage.

Hiring an Ottawa commercial tree service with knowledgeable tree experts is the way to make sure the tree removal is performed in a safe and effective manner. 

Stump Removal Service

trees on commercial property in ottawa canadaStumps can cause as much damage as a full-grown tree.

They can attract termites and other pests, obstruct drainage systems and make lawn maintenance extremely challenging.

Stump grinding is the use of machines to remove stumps from beneath the ground, ideal for getting rid of a tripping hazard.

Wright Tree Service can also clean your green space after removal, so it remains as beautiful as ever. 

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Preventive care ensures tree health and longevity.

Overgrown trees can make them too heavy on the top or one side.

Tree Pruning and TrimmingPruning keeps overgrowth in check and helps identify dying branches, which should be removed before they fall down and cause damage. 

Also, pruning and trimming will help your trees receive the required amount of sunlight.

Although some people assume they can maintain their trees on their own, the truth is that skilled technicians are best pruning and trimming them. 

Future Tree Planting

If you do not have any trees on your property yet, but are looking to add some to enhance the beauty of your business, consulting a commercial tree service will help you save some headache.

We will assist you to plan where the trees should go to make the most of your green space in Ottawa. 

Reasons to Spend on a Commercial Tree Service

As a business owner or property manager, you understand the importance of a good, first impression.

A property with a well maintained, beautiful landscape is going to attract more attention than one without, so you want your trees to be in the best possible hands.

By hiring a commercial tree service, you will be getting skilled arborists who know exactly what needs to be done to ensure your trees remain healthy and free of disease. 

Contact us today to find out more and book our tree services for your commercial property in Ottawa or surrounding communities.