Fallen trees are often unexpected. Whether it has fallen due to a storm or from disease/rotting, dealing with the aftermath of a fallen tree is a daunting task.

In some cases, a fallen tree will cause devastating damage. If a tree has fallen on your house, it is crucial that you call 911 immediately, then evacuate your home as safely as possible.

If the tree has fallen on your property, here is our guide for how to handle the situation!

How to Handle a Fallen Tree on Your Property

Here are the key steps to follow for when a tree falls on your property:

Carefully Assess the DamageFallen Tree on Your Property

The initial shock of a tree falling down is overwhelming. However, it’s important to check on your family members, pets, and anyone else living with you. You want to make sure that everyone is safe and no injuries have resulted in the accident.

If a tree has fallen on your house, make sure everyone is out of the house. Call emergency services, if you are concerned about structural damage or notice that wires have been knocked down. The local authorities or fire department will be able to help with making sure your home or area is safe and secure.

Contact Your Insurance Company

If a tree has fallen but nothing has been damaged, you can move on to contacting a professional company for tree removal services.

However, if damage has occurred, you’ll want to get in contact with them to follow the proper steps you need to take for restoring your home. They will likely have you take pictures and record any damage done by the fallen tree. This information will allow you to process a claim, so make sure you spare no details!

Tree Removal ServicesArrange for Tree Removal Services

Once everyone is safe and the insurance company has been notified, it’s time to begin the clean-up process!

This is where a team of professional arborists, like Wright Tree Service,  come in. Emergency tree removal can be done to assess the damage and remove the tree in a way that does not cause any further damage.

Warning Signs Your Tree May Fall

Although it can not always be predicted that a tree will fall, especially because of a storm. There are some warning signs you can look for that can look out for:

  • Visible Dead Branches
  • Cavity or Hole in the Tree Trunk
  • Deep Cracks or Missing Bark
  • Weak or Rotten Roots
  • V-Shaped Branch Growth

If you have noticed any of the above, we recommend that you get in touch with our team at Wright Tree Service so that a proper assessment can be done.

Emergency Tree Removal & Storm Cleanup With Wright Tree ServiceEmergency Tree Removal

At Wright Tree Service, we proudly offer rapid response for storm damage and fallen trees. Ottawa’s weather can often be unpredictable and there is no telling how powerful the winds will be. If a tree has fallen in your yard or on your home, you can rely on our team of dedicated professionals to remove the tree before any further damage occurs.

Contact us if you have any questions about emergency tree removal services in Ottawa.