“What types of tree diseases and infestations are found in Ottawa?”

That’s a question we’re frequently asked here at Wright Tree Service, Ottawa’s trusted arborists and tree experts.

Tree diseases are the bane of any Ottawa homeowner’s or property manager’s landscaping beautification efforts.

In this edition of our Ottawa tree blog, we’ll explore some of the more common tree diseases, fungi and infestations found here in Eastern Ontario, the Outaouais and indeed in much of Eastern Canada.

Ottawa Tree Diseases: Watch Out for Threats to Your Trees

Healthy trees enhance the aesthetic beauty of a home or commercial property. They also enhance the value of any property, as well as make a positive contribution to the community.

While trees are relatively low-maintenance, there are items to tend to when it comes to proper tree care. One of the most important of these is staying on the lookout for tree disease in Ottawa, as well as tree infestation, tree parasites, fungi, etc.

Here are some of the pests and species that threaten trees in Ottawa and surrounding communities.

Emerald Ash Borer: Killing Trees in Ottawa & Across Ontario / Quebec

emerald ash border threatens tree

One of the biggest threats in terms of Ottawa tree diseases in recent years is the Emerald Ash Borer.

If you own a home or manage a property in or around Ottawa – or you’ve been reading/watching the news – you probably know about this one.

This beetle has been seen in Ontario (including Ottawa) since 2002 and is responsible for the destruction of hundreds of thousands of hectares of forests. The emerald ash borer also poses a threat to trees in urban areas, creating havoc in the form of Ottawa tree diseases and death.

apples with a disease found in ottawa

Heat makes this beetle even more dangerous as it grows larger, mates more quickly and stays active for longer during the day and throughout the Ottawa summer. That’s bad news for Ottawa homeowners and property managers.

Signs of emerald ash borers include:

  • Los of leaves & dead branches on upper tree levels
  • Branch & leaf growth in lower tree stem
  • Increased woodpecker activity
  • Exit holes, bark splitting & more

If you suspect emerald ash border presence on your property, don’t wait – contact us at once for an inspection and tree care plan.

Other Invasive Species and Pests That Threaten Trees in Ottawa

The emerald ash borer is a big threat to trees in Ottawa and surrounding communities – but it’s not the only one.

dutch elm disease threatens treeOther threats include:

  • Apple Scabs
  • Magnolia Scale
  • Dutch Elm Disease
  • Beech Bark Disease

… among many others.

If you notice trees appearing sickly or somehow “unusual” – including discoloration, odd growth, loss of leaves, branches or segments dying out, or other signs of the tree appearing odd or not quite right, it’s best not to let it go.

How Wright Tree Service Treats Ottawa Tree Diseases, Pests & Other Threats

With ISA certified arborists on staff, the experienced tree pros at Wright Tree Service have the right mix of knowledge and expertise to assess and treat a wide variety of tree diseases in Ottawa.

The sooner you advise us of a potential threat to the trees on your property, the sooner we can get to work in inspecting your tree(s) and let you know how best to proceed.

Contact us today to get a free quote on Ottawa tree care, including Ottawa tree removal and other arborist services.