Did you know that healthy, well-maintained trees and plants can increase the value of your property considerably? Many Ottawa homeowners are either not aware of this or are missing out on the benefits.

Too frequently, plant and tree care is overlooked. However, there are several benefits to a well maintained yard besides aesthetic purposes.

While your property will look more presentable, proper tree trimming will also allow for proper growth and will keep insects and diseases at bay.

Read on to find out the details on tree trimming and tree pruning, and how you can benefit.

Trimming vs. Pruning: What is the Difference?

You walk into your yard and you mean business. It’s time to trim. Or maybe prune.

Wait, what’s the difference between tree pruning and tree trimming?

arborist pruning tree branchesWhat did you bring the clippers and shears for? You are not sure anymore. But don’t despair.

We are certified arborists and we are here to help. Even though many people in Ottawa can’t tell you what it is, the difference between trimming and pruning is very simple. Keep scrolling!

These terms are often used interchangeably, although they are not synonyms. Trimming is the act of cutting back overgrown plants (such as hedges, bushes, shrubs, etc.), while tree pruning means removing dead, lose or infected branches.

The end result of both techniques is healthy and aesthetically appealing trees, shrubs and hedges – great landscaping, in other words.

While pruning focuses on tree health and safety, the aim of trimming is to control overgrowth, which can have a negative impact on a tree’s development. Excessive overgrowth can reduce the amount of light and moisture a tree can receive, so you should have yours pruned at least twice a year.

Tree Pruning / Trimming Frequency

Tree Pruning and Trimming FrequencyGenerally, hedge trimming service is performed twice a year, while tree pruning takes place only once every twelve months.

Nevertheless, the ideal frequency depends on the tree species in question. Trees should be trimmed in their early development, in order to make strategic cuts that will get the tree to grow in the ideal direction and shape. Remember to hire a certified arborist to get the job done, as this is not a task you want to tackle by yourself.

Like many plants, trees function on a cycle of growth and dormancy. Trimming can be performed in any season, regardless of the stage the tree is in. However, you want to plan around the specific issue you want to address.

Tree Pruning / Trimming in Winter

Most trees do not have leaves in Winter, which helps simplify the procedure.

However, be sure to prune your tree branches after the coldest months, as you don’t want your trees to be vulnerable to the extreme temperatures.

Tree Pruning / Trimming in Spring

arborist pruning tree branchesWhen it comes to Spring, most trees can achieve good results.

This season allows for easy identification of branches with issues before the tree is fully covered in leaves.

In addition, Spring is the perfect season to identify which branches are dead and are subject to removal.

Tree Pruning / Trimming in Summer

Although trimming in Summer is possible, some find it more difficult.

Once the tree is fully covered by leaves, it can be more difficult to identify problematic branches.

However, those tree species that fall under the category of spring flowering trees may be trimmed during Summer, as the branches will form more flower buds.

Also, trees that produce a lot of sap will benefit from summer trimming.

Hire the Pros for Ottawa Tree Pruning & Trimming

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