Healthy, good-looking trees in Ottawa can elevate the value of your property.

However, decayed or dead ones do more harm than good, so it’s best to get trees removed.

But, why is winter perhaps the most convenient season to hire an arborist for tree removal in Ottawa? Read on to learn the answer. 

The Best Time of the Year to Take Trees Down 

Winter just might be the most convenient season to get your trees removed.

Also, it’s the time of the year in which removal causes the least impact to the surrounding areas.

Below are the 4 reasons to get hold of a knowledgeable arborist for Ottawa tree removal this winter: 

Better Tree Assessment1. Better Tree Assessment

Most trees lose their leaves in fall.

This allows tree care professionals to assess them more accurately.

And that means a more efficient, precise tree removal in Ottawa winters

2. Less Damage to the Soil

The ground freezes in winter and becomes harder.

This helps professionals to move heavier equipment on and off your property without damaging it. 

3. Less/No Damage to Lawn or Garden

Since flowers only bloom in spring, chances are they won’t suffer as a result of the removal procedure. 

While tree removal in Ottawa can be a necessary thing, you don’t want it to affect the health of surrounding vegetation.

4. Easier Scheduling for Ottawa Tree Removal

Easier Scheduling for Ottawa Tree RemovalIf you choose this time of the year for Ottawa tree removal, you can be rewarded with a faster turnaround.

Not many people decide to work on their trees in winter. 

With a lighter schedule in typical winters, we can get to your tree removal project sooner than if it were scheduled in the summer.

If your tree is damaged past the point of no return, it should be taken down before it poses a risk to your loved ones or causes significant property damage. 

When Should a Tree Be Removed?

Sometimes, the only option for a tree is to take it down.

Ottawa winter storms can be rough, and snow can pile up on decaying or dead branches, with a big chance of breaking off due to the additional weight. 

ottawa trees in early winterDamaged branches or trees can come down on top of valuables, such as properties or vehicles.

Consider the future of your property and how the tree is likely to progress. Although it can be difficult to let a tree go, it’s important to look at the big picture. We recommend that you get a dying tree removed as soon as you recognize it. 

Refrain from Removing a Tree Yourself

Although it’s tempting to try to save money, you want to consider the safety risks of tackling this job by yourself.

While saving a few bucks might sound helpful, putting the safety of your family and your property on the line is not worth saving the costs of hiring a proper tree removal service.

A removal procedure should only be performed by highly skilled, knowledgeable tree care professionals, who will arrive with the right equipment and safety gear to take your trees down by the book. Investing in a professional tree removal execution in Ottawa will ensure the safety of your family, preventing any damage to your property. 

Professional Tree Removal Service in Ottawa

Our qualified arborists are able to visit your property, assess the situation and develop a removal plan specific to your needs.

Locally owned and operated since 2010, Wright Tree Service has been providing expert tree services to Ottawa and surrounding communities. 

Contact us today to book your tree removal in Ottawa or surrounding areas.