Many of us like winter in Ottawa, especially when a light snow falls gently on the ground and trees.

However, winter storms can occasionally be harmful, as heavy amounts of snow and/or ice excess could damage, bend or break a tree.

As experienced knowledgeable arborists, we want to help you prevent and repair snow damage to trees and shrubs. Read on how to learn how to prevent snow and ice damage to trees, shrubbery, hedges, etc.

The Potential for Snow & Ice to Cause Tree Damage

It’s normal to be concerned about your property. After all, those of us who live in Ottawa and have to deal with snow on our trees every winter know the risks that come with snow and ice.

snow on trees in ottawa canadaThe bad news about Mother Nature also comes with plenty of good news!

Trees tend to be rather strong, created to withstand a great deal of the elements that they face. This includes wind, rain, snow, ice and more.

Having said that, everything in nature has its Achilles heel. When it comes to trees, one area of vulnerability is excessive snow or ice. But let’s define what “excessive” means.

Looking around, you’ll see tens of thousands of trees in Ottawa and surrounding communities. Most are several decades old. That means that they have survived countless Ottawa winters, complete with all the snow and ice that comes with.

Relatively speaking, nearly every one of those trees survives a given winter. Yes, every now and then, a tree could lose a limb or see some branches fall off due to excessive ice and snow build-up.

And if you were around for the Ice Storm of 1998, you’ll remember that many trees were lost during that winter – and many Ottawa homeowners had to deal with damage from ice-laden trees.

More good news – that was a rare event, one that we don’t see too often, even here in Ottawa.

What does “excessive” snow or ice mean? Well, the Ice Storm is a good example. Pretty much anything short of that, and chances are high that the trees on your property will survive a normal or even high-snowfall Ottawa winter.

Tips to Prevent Damage to Trees in Winter

bird on snowy tree in ottawa canadaHaving said all this, not all trees and plants are created equal.

Some young trees and shrubs may be vulnerable to snow and ice build-ups due to their size, shape and species.

That’s why we recommend covering young trees as well as certain bushes and shrubs on your property. There are wraps and coverings of various sizes, thickness and material available at home and garden stores across Ottawa and surrounding areas.

Proper and regular tree pruning is also important in terms of preventing storm damage to trees and shrubs. However, this is not a job you want to tackle by yourself, as it can be extremely dangerous. Every year, lots of homeowners end up injured after trying to take care of their trees by themselves.

What to Do with Trees Damaged by Snow, Ice or Other Elements

ottawa house trees in wintertimeIf you have already experienced damage to a tree on your property, be it from wind, snow, ice or other natural force, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

The exact solution will depend on the particular situation of the tree, but sometimes it’s best to take it down.

If your storm-damaged tree is showing cracks in the trunk or the limbs, or a significant root injury, let us know. Our arborists will be able to provide a clearer picture of what to expect.

When it comes to damaged trees and shrubs, you want to get your landscape back on track as soon as possible.

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